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New England's set of summer

From Coast to Coast

Designed for comfort and wearability, perfect for both seaside adventures and laid-back days at home.

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make waves not waste

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Remove 1LB of Ocean-Bound Plastic.

We are a proud Plastic Bank Supporter. The Plastic Bank build ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities.

Our Ocean-Friendly Efforts
We the reef coral gardens and scuba divers tending to them
We the reef coral garden
plastic and garbage floating in the ocean surrounded by swimming fish
a turtle underwater in a coral habitat
we the reef scuba diver holding coral on a stick as they grow
plastic trash floating in the ocean surrounded by fish

It’s easy to fall into the cycle of fast fashion.

Over 52 million tonnes of polyester garments are produced every year. Because it’s made from non-renewable resources, virgin polyester is responsible for 40% of the fashion industry’s emissions.

With more responsibly made products to come and constant innovation, Seaav strives to make waves — in our oceans and the fashion industry as whole.

Our Story

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make waves not waste
We the reef coral gardeners businesses saving the reef
plastic bank official supporter